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No question about it - your decision to move to a new home is one of the biggest challenges you can face.  And yet, it can be fun and exciting!  It's a chance to leave back-breaking yardwork behind, a chnace to get a new kitchen and bath, and a chance to meet new friends every day!  Cedarfield stands ready to help guide you through the process of making the right choices to make your move as easy as can be!

Start by looking at your decisions one-by-one:
   1.  Choose a community
   2.  Fill out a Residency Application
   3.  Find a home you like
   4.  Select a homesite
   5.  Choose your extras
   6.  Arrange your financing
   7.  Move in!

First Step:  Choosing a community

This is the most important step:  finding a manufactured housing community which "feels" like it could be your new neighborhood.  How to do this?  Well, you need to drive through - look around  - visit the public areas.  Ask questions of everyone you see.  Take your time.  Visit on weekends.  Here are some things to consider:

  • How does the community look at first glance?  Is the entrance easy to find and pleasant to look at?  When you drive in, does it feel open, airy, uncrowded?  Are the homes located away from the entrance, for more privacy?  Do the street signs and informational signs help and direct you?

  • Look at the homes already in the community - are they clean and neat?  Are all vehicles parked off-roadway in driveways?  Are lawns green, cut and trimmed?

  • What kind of "extras" do homes have - garages, carports, awnings, decks, front porches?  Is there plenty of landscaping, trees, flowers?

  • Is there clutter anywhere?  A good community will have rules about keeping a homesite picked-up, putting children's toys away, parking trailers and boats in a storage area, and keeping vehicles in good repair.

  • Does the community have public facilities for things you like to do?  How about a large room for family parties?  Sports and activity areas?  Playground?

  • Does the community offer a storm shelter?  A warning siren?

  • Are there shopping facilities nearby?  Groceries, banking, pharmacy, auto service, hardware, and health care are very necessary services you need easy access to.

  • Visit the office.  Is the Manager available?  Knowledgable?  Friendly?  Helpful?

When you find the right community, you will know.  It must feel "comfortable".  It must be convenient for you.  It must offer the greatest opportunity to live in the style you have been looking for.

Of course, we hope you choose Cedarfield 55+ Community!

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